20 Years Warranty Granite Sealer Protect your Investment

20 Years Warranty Granite Sealer Protect your Investment 2018-01-25T07:14:53-05:00

Protect your Investment with Our 20 Years Warranty  Granite Sealer

We Offer High Quality  Granite Sealer Worth It For High Quality Granite

The short answer is… Yes… it is “worth it” to use a high-quality sealer regarding performance and convenience.

Is it the best value? Yes, it can be, but that depends on how it is applied and which product you choose.

I’m sure you’d like a little more explanation, so… Here’s the deal….

Granite Sealer.

  • Homeowners are protected against stains for 20 years
  • Commercial spaces are covered against stains for 10 years (granite only)
  • Exterior countertop installations are covered for 1 year
  • If a stain occurs, MORE™ will send out a technician to remove the stain
  • We’ll replace the countertop if a stain can’t be removed (that includes both labor and materials)
  • We cover granite, marble, and polished quartzite
  • The warranty is also fully transferable
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The price is based on the number of square feet of kitchen countertops . Do not forget to ask one of our sales representative more information about price and warranty.

Why a High-Quality Granite Sealer is Worth It…

20 Years Sealer
We recommend sealing natural stone countertops regularly to preserve their beauty. How often depends on the type of stone and the amount of use. Some customers may want a more hassle-free solution for long-term stain protection. The MORE™ Infinity™ Warranty Program provides that extra level of protection.

Our highest performing, penetrating, natural-look stone sealer that provides maximum protection against the toughest stains.

  • Maximum Stain Protection
  • Water-Based
  • Pro-Grade

Granite Sealer

Everyone knows that water-based products are safer than solvents. We formulated our entire product line with leading edge water-based technology. Better yet, we did this without compromising performance.

When you choose MORE to care for your surfaces, you reduce V.O.C emissions by up to 90%. Our products have less impact on indoor air quality and qualify for the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certified projects.

Our Next Generation Sealer Product Is Here! Get it Today!

One Time Sealer It’s Our Next Generation Stone Sealers Call Today for more information.

Granite Sealer

MORE™ Stone & Quartz Cleaner + Protector Included with the warranty.


Our Next Generation Stone Sealers

Our Next generation” granite sealers:

  • Penetrate deeper into the stone
  • Provide more thorough coverage
  • Form permanent bonds
  • Are more durable
  • Don’t degrade with use or cleaning
  • Last far longer than standard sealers (20+ years)
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MORE Infinity Warranty Registration

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are covered with the MORE™ Infinity™ Warranty Program.

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