New Jersey Remnant Sale

New Jersey Remnant Sale 2018-02-12T06:29:15-05:00

Remnants: Small and Medium sized pieces of Marble, Granite and Quartz available for discounted prices. Granite Countertops without sacrificing quality in material or workmanship. Our large selection of remnants is located at our outdoor granite yard in North Brunswick, NJ. The pictures shown here are representative of our selection.

Contact NATURAL STONE KITCHEN & BATH, for available sizes, inventory and pricing.

N. Brunswick New Jersey Granite Remnant Sale


Standard Remnants Include Most Granites, Quartz and Marble

Exotic Remnants 2018-01-02T03:26:32-05:00

Exotic remnants include semi-precious, onyx, quartzite, icestone, and other premium materials. While browsing our granite yard, you will notice that these materials are designated by green paint on the edge of the stone.

How do I get started? 2018-01-02T03:31:36-05:00

Stop by our North Brunswick showroom and outdoor granite yard to browse our selection of remnants. Once you choose your remnants, we will walk you through the process of templating, fabrication, and installation.

What else will I be charged for? 2018-01-02T03:33:19-05:00

That’s it. No hidden charges for fabrication, templating, or installation.

Sinks 2018-01-02T03:34:14-05:00

If you provide your own sink, we will make the cut-out for your sink. We have several sinks available for purchase. Our signature porcelain vanity sinks are $65 and come in white or bisque and our standard 50/50 stainless steel kitchen sink is $185. Stop by our showroom to see available options.

Edges 2018-01-02T03:36:02-05:00

Eased, bullnose, or oversized radius edges are included. Upgraded and premium edges are available at an additional charge. Click here to a look at our edge profile options.

Life-time or One year Sealer 2018-01-02T03:36:52-05:00

You may add our sealer–guaranteed for 15 years– staring at $89.

Installation 2018-01-02T03:37:32-05:00

In order to keep your cost as low as possible, we will template and install your project on the same day we have other jobs in your area. This may mean a slightly longer time frame between templating and installation. This offer is limited to the 40 miles area. Not sure if you’re within this area? Give us a call at 732-297-5450 and we’ll let you know. We may be able to work something out if you’re located within our usual installation area or if we have other jobs in your area.

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