July 2017 E-blast: Summer Bath Buzz

July 2017 E-blast: Summer Bath Buzz

Summer Bath Buzz
Our premium surfaces inspire many a sleek master bath retreat. Luxurious designs call for exceptional modern materials, so surfaces make a remodel. That’s why we bring the world’s most selective and affordable natural stone and quartz surfaces to your fingertips. Planning a dream bath makeover? Find inspiration and tips in our new surfaces video.

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We lost our hearts to the simple beauty of subway tile long ago. Its clean lines, fresh aesthetics, and glorious versatility make it a designer fave, too. Prefer classic subway tiles? Install 3 x 6 white tile horizontally. For an of-the-moment vibe, try elongated gray tiles set in a herringbone pattern.

Ready to set a modern day tone in your upcoming bath remodel? Achieve a high-style look that’s ultra practical with our newest porcelain tile collections. Innovative technology gives styles like Watercolor Porcelain—which features a light-as-air brush stroke design—a fashion-forward aesthetic that lends sophistication to even the tiniest space.

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Our favorite way to exceed expectation in bath design? The element of surprise. We get inspired when we see diverse flooring styles come together for an off-the-beaten-path look. Our current obsession is a fusion of modern tile and rustic natural stone floors.

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