Let’s start with the method of explaining the steps to repairing your countertops.  Firstly, it is very important to perceive whether or not the crack you’re observing is a precise crack or a fissure, for chips you possibly can skip to the restore part of this publish. This data is related when figuring out which kind of supplies are required to get the job accomplished proper.

Fissures Vs. Cracks. Which is which?

Fissures are naturally occurring in lots of kinds of stone. Defined by the American Geological Institute as an “extensive Crack, break, or fracture in the rock..”, the time period is used within the stone trade to explain a visual separation alongside the crystalline boundaries naturally occurring within the stone. More typically than not a fissure doesn’t undergo the complete depth of the stone, though in some circumstances it will probably.

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Cracks however outcome from stresses from dealing with, fabrication, transport, and/or set up. While a crack by definition doesn’t essentially undergo the complete depth of the stone, that is extra generally seen than a fissure going via the complete depth of the stone.

How do I do know if it is a fissure or a crack and why does it matter?

Cracks will typically seem round areas of stress – such because the place the countertop opens up for the sink. Cracks are infamous for popping up in areas reminiscent of these – fissures, being naturally occurring are usually not vulnerable to “mysteriously” showing close to the kitchen sink.

Cracks additionally have a tendency to point out upon and round helps and sometimes comply with a kind of straight line. Fissures can seem straight as effectively, though do not forget that they’re occurring alongside the natural crystalline construction of the stone, and are usually not induced by setting up.

Another factor to remember is that the fissures you would possibly see on a commercially put in countertop are going to be very slender; you should not be capable of losing a key in it; a crack, however, might probably be extensive sufficient for that.

How else can I inform if it’s a fissure or a crack?

Since a fissure is a naturally occurring it doesn’t change the airplane of the stone. That is, when you positioned a degree throughout the fissure, it could stay flush with each side of the stone. Also, fissures typically happen in a couple of places whereas a crack may seem in a spot of added stress.

Another option to inform if it’s a fissure or a crack is to run your fingernail or an automobile key throughout it. If it’s easy, it’s extra possible a fissure. If it’s tough and “catches” your nail or automobile key, you may need a crack in your arms.

Repairing your Stone

Fissure and Chip Repairs: You need to use a transparent resin, epoxy, or acrylic adhesive for repairing small cracks and fissures. In the Countertop Stone Repair part of our retailer, you will discover really useful merchandise reminiscent of Lamlock Infiltrating Epoxy, LiquiGlass, and Tenax Refill Kit.  If you are on the lookout for a whole answer for fixing chips in granite, try our Granite & Marble chip and crack restore equipment.

Chipped Granite
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LiquiGlass is a fast-setting clear epoxy which dries very arduous and clear (somewhat like glass), therefore its identity. It is each everlasting and UV secure, and underneath regular circumstances will dry in about one minute.

The subsequent is Tenax Refill equipment. This is a superb product that is available in a whole equipment with everything it’s worthwhile to repair small holes and chips in stone. This equipment comes with two viscosities of resin and together with a spray-on catalyst to dry the resin. The producer recommends utilizing the excessive viscosity fluid to restore bigger chips, particularly those that aren’t on a horizontal floor (the upper viscosity fluid is not as vulnerable to working as decrease viscosity fluids), and utilizing the decrease viscosity fluid to restore cracks, fissures, scratches, and/or chips that are on a horizontal floor.

After spraying the resin with the catalyst and permitting it to dry, take a razor blade and scrape off the surplus from the floor. Unlike LiquiGlass, the Refill Kit is neither everlasting glue neither is it thought-about UV secure; there may be some historical past of this product discoloring sure stone colors, so it is suggested that you just take a look at it in an not easily seen place a couple of days prior to creating your repairs.

Finally, Pectro, which is a resin based mostly color enhancer can be utilized to fill voids and may help to reinforce lighter shades present in cracks and fissures to assist them to match the polished floor of the stone.

Note: these merchandises are for minor repairs solely, and shouldn’t be used for any structural bonding in any way.

What About Cracks in Stone Specifically?

We have discovered that when fixing cracks, a low viscosity epoxy works finest because it does an ideal job of penetrating deep into the crack and forming a bond. This additionally has the additional advantage of serving to to forestall the crack from rising bigger, though that may be assured. An awesome product we advocate for that is Lamlock Infiltrating Epoxy.  Once you have repaired the crack on this method, a few of the merchandise talked about above, or a polyester resin color matched to your stone may help to make the countertop look like-new.  We have many colors reminiscent of greenblackyellowredbrownbluewhitegreyand more. You can discover these merchandise in our Store.

What about Breaks?

In our expertise, an epoxy is finest for repairing breaks, and our favorite is  Lamlock RocketGel – Instant Epoxy. This epoxy was particularly formulated for granite and different natural stone merchandise. This epoxy helps to bind the damaged joints within the stone collectively, and after the 25 minutes, we predict you’d have a troublesome time breaking the joint, even with a hammer and a chisel. Another nice profit to this epoxy is that it does not like to stay on polished surfaces; making for a simple cleanup. Transparent in skinny coats, cloudy white in layers to 1/eight” and off-white in thicker layers when absolutely cured, which happens inside 24 hours. Furthermore, this epoxy isn’t local weather delicate, so whether or not you reside in an arid local weather or a damp one, this epoxy shall be minimally impacted by the climate; it cures equally quick in sizzling or chilly temperatures. Also, this epoxy could be combined with countertop coloring tints to make sure a seamless restore.

Now that you realize the distinction between a chip, a crack, and a fissure, however, do not need to restore it your self, be at liberty to fill out our form; you will get contacted by a top-notch Sales rep in your space for a free quote!

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